Here I Am, Send Me

Yesterday was another big day within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). It was a big day for God’s kingdom. It’s a pivotal point in the lives of 128 people. After years of preparation and a Call Day filled with joy, 128 Concordia Seminary, St. Louis students learned their placement of first calls to pastoral and diaconal ministry, and assignments as vicars and deaconess interns. There are 128 men and women who responded to God, “Here I Am, Send Me.” Some will be off to their vicarage placements around the country, some to intern and others to fulfill a call as Deaconess, and over 50 men (and their families) celebrated as they learned where God was sending them in their pastoral calls.

As the Seminary describes, “Call Day at Concordia Seminary is the day when second year students learn their vicarage church assignments (a one-year internship at an LCMS church anywhere in the U.S.) and fourth year students learn their first call assignments. Deaconess students learn their deaconess internship assignments or diaconal call assignments on this day as well. These assignments are announced and celebrated during two worship services on Call Day.”

31277671_1837177753013740_3490970600967503872_nThese men and women, and their families – they set out in response to God at work in each of their lives. When you pray today (and every day), pour out your prayers over each one of them as they set out to work for His kingdom in this ever-changing world, that they may remain steadfast and fearless and continue to point people to Christ in all they do.

Lead by Pastor Eric and Sara Trickey, Pastor Mark Gearig, and Congregational Chairman, Craig Willis, a team of seven had the privilege to represent our SPL family in St. Louis at the Call Day service on April 24th. God continues to bless our congregation and community – our call to William Grueninger as Associate Pastor was confirmed and our team celebrated with him as he first learned of his call to SPL during the service.

BillKarli2It is with great joy that we welcome (soon to be Associate Pastor) William (Bill) Grueninger and his wife Karli to our SPL family. Also knowing that Bill and Karli’s parents will not be far away in the St. Louis area, we also look forward to welcoming them as our guests as Bill and Karli serve here with us. It’s still a few weeks until graduation at the Seminary, so please continue to keep them in your prayers as this stage of their lives draws to a close and they prepare to transition to full time life in ministry. As we learn more about time of arrival and other details, we will be sure to keep our church family informed.

In the meantime…as it says in the Tauren Wells song “When We Pray”:

But what if we could be a people on our knees
As one before the King
‘Cause we believe

All the world starts changing
When the church starts praying
Strongholds start to break
Oh, when we pray
Prison walls start shaking
At the sound of praising
Nothing stays the same
Oh, when we pray

Please continue to #Pray316 – lift up Pastor Eric & Sara, Pastor Mark & Jennifer, Bill & Karli, and their families; Pray for our church and God’s continued work through His people in this community, and pray for our continued response to God to be “Here I Am, Send Me.”

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