Christmas: A Time Worth Not Spoiling

I walked into my 8th grade religion classroom today with a question on my mind. I said to the kids, “I’m going to get to see Star Wars, but not until after Christmas. So I want a yes or no answer to this question and that’s it…was it good?

I begged them to leave it at that for the same reason that many are taking a hiatus from all things internet and media. We hate spoilers! No one wants a good, fresh story to be ruined by jumping to all the good parts without living in the narrative at first.

Should Christmas be any different?

Often we approach this season as the same old carol, different choir. Same ornaments, different tree. A new year to hear the nativity story with the same predictable ending. Christ is born.

Christmas-Lights-Tumblr-Snow-09But maybe we’re doing ourselves a disservice. Maybe, though we’ve lived it time and again, we should continue to take this season of Advent to heart and wait patiently and expectantly for the coming of the Messiah. Not spoiling it, but rather living in it until we finally arrive at the starry night in Bethlehem.

Advent is the season of waiting, hoping, and not spoiling. A great writer that I am privileged to call friend has written another wonderful piece on the complexities of this season. It’s called Lights, and it’s written by Chelsea Doering. It would be good, right, and salutary of you to check it out. 🙂

Enjoying the Journey,

Pastor Doug

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