Living A Transformed Life

As we delve further into our TRANSFORMED series and examine our Mental Health, it becomes clear how everything else in our lives is so completely impacted by our Mental Health. If we are able to harness our thoughts and keep our minds in a right place, we are able to be “in the game” in a better way in all other areas of our lives.

In reflecting upon living TRANSFORMED lives, Dan Curry (who, along with his wife Sue, is our Prayer Team lead for TRANSFORMED) has passed along this article from Dallas Willard titled “Living A Transformed Life Adequate to Our Calling”.

PrintHe begins with: “To fulfill the high calling which God has placed upon us in creating us and redeeming us, we must have the right inner substance or character. We must come to grips with who we really are, inside and out. For we will do what we are. So we will need to become the kind of people who routinely and easily walk in the goodness and power of Jesus our Master. For this, a process of “spiritual formation” — really, transformation — is required.”

Take a few moments today to delve into this article and may it help you find another perspective in your TRANSFORMED journey. Click HERE to read: “Living A Transformed Life Adequate to Our Calling”

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