The FUN Dare

Are you looking to change things up and add a little fun to your relationship routine?
Ready to make some new investments in your marriage relationship?

The-Fun-Dare-12-Dates-in-12-DaysI came across this link that I’ve posted below and thought it would be a great read for couples. The idea is that every day for 12 days, you and your spouse are provided with a different date idea.

Obviously blocking out 12 consecutive days for this isn’t always doable, so it’s alternatively suggested that you choose one night a week for 12 consecutive weeks to knock these out. I thought some of these would be really cool and want to try them out with my wife! There may be one or two that are not up your alley as a couple, in which case you could brainstorm and come up with something totally unique that you could enjoy together.

I hope you enjoy the read and consider trying some of these!

The Fun Dare: 12 Dates In 12 Days

Enjoy Connecting and Having Fun!


I’d enjoy hearing how the Fun Dare is impacting your relationship as you give it a try!
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