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SPL Kids Plan for 2017-2018

Fall 2017 is rapidly approaching! As we look toward what God has in store for us during this school year, I wanted to take some time today to tell you about our SPL Kids plans for 2017-2018. During the last 18 months I have prayed, pondered, prepared for, and searched through our new curriculum as well as many others and am very excited to share our plan with you!


Sunday Education Time (Sundays, 9:20-10:20am)

Building Blocks (Room 203): This special class is for caretakers and children (birth-3 years) to attend together. Experience the love of a supporting, multi-generational community of families and teachers (who are experts in childhood development). The focus of this class is the spiritual formation of families and young children. Taught by Carol Josefson, Al & Cindy Bardeleben, and Deb Widenhofer.

3 Years – Kindergarten (Room 206): Life with God for Children. Even the youngest children can receive God’s Spirit and experience His presence. This class is designed to draw children into a loving and active relationship with their Heavenly Father in an age-appropriate way. Children experience God through interaction with one another and their teachers, prayer, an introduction to the storyline of the Bible, memory verse activities, and interactive learning activities. The rhythm of this class will be similar throughout our SPL Kids offerings. Taught by Jennifer Power.

1st-4th Grade (Room 213): Life with God for Children. In this class, the rhythm of the class is similar to the 3 Years – Kindergarten class but with activities, verses, discussions, and teaching geared toward middle-elementary children. Taught by Brittany Atwood and Aimee Howe.

5th-6th Grade (Room 211): Life with God for Children. The same rhythm continues in this upper elementary class – that is part of the beauty of Life with God for Children. Again, the material is age-appropriate for upper elementary children. In this class, the children will engage in a weekly imaginative prayer exercise designed to center their minds on the presence of God and help them enter the pages of the Bible for themselves. The book Imaginative Prayer has a guide to help families deepen this experience at home. Any family committed to utilizing the book at home may receive a free copy of the book. Taught by Matt & Megan Roush.

Saturday and Sunday SPL Kids: Worship (kids are dismissed for the 2nd half of our two contemporary services)

6 weeks – 3 years (Nursery): Bible Time. The nursery is open for the duration of all our weekend services, but during latter portion of each service, the children engage in a time of praise, Bible story time, and prayer. Nursery Coordinator: Suzanne Minton.

3 years – Kindergarten (Room 206): Life with God for Kids: Worship. A condensed version of our Sunday education and F3 lessons with a corresponding extension activity. Children who attend both Sunday education and Kids Time Worship will receive a more complete lesson, but attending just one will be a meaningful experience as well. Taught by SPL Kids Team.

1st-4th Grade (Great Room): Life with God for Kids: Worship. Includes prayer stations, an imaginative prayer exercise (see 5th/6th Sunday Education time description above), and an extension activity which corresponds to Sunday education and F3 lessons. Taught by Jennifer Power.

Junior Leadership Program: 5th-6th graders who are participating in the Jr. Leadership program are eligible to serve in one of the above 3 rooms during SPL Kids: Worship. 5th-6th graders must have completed the training and be on the schedule to serve. Click HERE for more information on the Junior Leadership Program.

SPL Kids: F3 (Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 September 13th – November 15th)

6 weeks – 3 years (Nursery): Young children are invited to come and play with our loving nursery crew during F3 class times.

3 yrs – Kindergarten (Room 206): Bible App for Kids: Bible Adventure. “On your mark, get set go on a Bible adventure!” Join us for play, prayer, awesome age-appropriate teaching videos, singing, dancing, and Bible time! Taught by the SPL Kids Team.

1st-4th Grade (Room 213): Life with God for Kids. Similar to our 1st-4th Sunday education class, this class will feature a similar Bible story but with different activities and discussion questions. Taught by the SPL Kids Team.

5th-6th Grade (Room 211): Similar to our 5th-6th Sunday education class, this class will include times of journaling and personal reflection and an alternate extension activity. Children who attend both the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes will receive a more complete lesson for the week. Taught by Jamie Clubbs and Hannah Buenting.

Class Rhythm

The majority of our SPL Kids meeting times will include this simple class rhythm:

  • Centering Down: each class has a special, handmade bench for children to come in, take off their shoes, and place their belongings in a basket. They will enter the room and engage in centering activities such as reading, prayer stations, journaling, or purposeful play. These centering activities help them remember they have gathered to meet with God.
  • Prayer Time: each class gathers in a circle to offer prayer requests, report answered prayers, and pray for one another
  • Timeline/Connect: this is a time for the kids to practicing telling the stories from the Bible timeline on the wall in each room
  • Focus Verse: each lesson includes a Bible memory verse and a special activity to help the kids learn the verse
  • Listen, Learn, Do: children listen to the Bible story, learn through activity and discussion, and then do a project together to help them practice spiritual disciplines in age-appropriate ways

“The Bible is filled with stories of God in relationship with people. In these stories he reveals himself. Through these stories he cultivates the soil of love and relationship. In Life with God for Children the Scriptures are the anchor, and spiritual disciplines are used as a means of engaging in relationship. The curriculum is based on the people profiles in The Life with God Bible. The intention is not only to inform and teach children these stories, but to give children the tools and opportunities to explore the Scriptures themselves.”

(Click HERE for a video overview of this curriculum.)

I hope you and your family will plan to join us for SPL Kids Time this year. I truly believe God will use this time to bless and grow your family’s faith. If you have any questions about these or other SPL Kids offerings, please do not hesitate to contact me or connect with us through our Facebook group (; 423-6955).

In His love & service,

Jennifer Power

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