The SPL Mission Team will head back to Rockport, Texas in June 2019

Once again this year, it’s MISSION: TEXAS at SPL and we’re calling up families to join us in continuing this important work in Rockport, Texas.

Anyone who is interested in serving on a mission team with SPL this summer is invited to attend this Mission: Texas Interest Meeting on Sunday, March 17th at 9:15am in the Family Room at SPL.

Pastor Mark Gearig and members of the 2018 SPL Mission Team will share their stories and the most current information about our Mission: Texas plan for this summer. We will continue to work in the Rockport, Texas area as they continue to recover and rebuild following the damages resulting from Hurricane Harvey. We will serve the people of this area through building and repair work on homes and structures along with other potential serving opportunities in the area while also ministering to the people we encounter.

So, have you been thinking about serving but you’re not sure what to expect?

Melanie Schelling was in your shoes last year, before she and her family decided to join the SPL Mission Team on the first trip to Rockport last July. Here’s a bit of Melanie’s story to help you gain some perspective on her experience as a part of the team. If you want to know more, talk with Melanie or another member of the SPL Mission Team. You can also check out the team story by visiting the SPL Mission Team group page on Facebook.

“Last year was the first time I ever went on a mission trip. I didn’t really know quite what to expect. I guess I thought there would be lots of praying and preaching to people with a little bit of work.

What I found was the complete opposite.

We worked our tails off. And the people we came to help, well they witnessed to us. They touched my heart and mind with stories of hardship, perseverance, and how God provided them with peace and blessed them.

Our team of 15 people started off as strangers, and after a week, we grew into a family. The adults mentored the youth, and the youth invigorated the adults.

There were only a couple of skilled carpenters, but we each found how our individual strengths could come together to make the best team.

This mission trip was a wonderful experience. It was great for my family to work together, and it brought us all closer. My hope is that through this experience I was able to teach my daughters how to live and work with a Servant’s Heart.”

Take a look at the most recent work in Rockport, Texas. Then, consider joining the SPL Mission Team for Mission: Texas happening June 1-8, 2019. Contact Pastor Mark Gearig for more information at pastormark@spldecatur.org or 217-423-6955.

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