Support Youth. Change the World.

This July, over 60 youth from Lutheran churches in Decatur are attending the LCMS Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over 25,000 youth from all over the country will come together for the LCMS Youth Gathering with one purpose, to lift high the name of JESUS. As they do this, they will experience the LOVE that our God has for them. They will witness the Body of Christ in ACTION. They will be able to participate in worship and in service with their brothers and sisters from all over the Nation.

I don’t know about you, but I am pumped to see what 70 kids, strengthened by the Word of Jesus and encouraged by this Gathering, can do when they are unleashed on the City of Decatur! Our prayer is that through this trip God would awaken their hearts to the work He has done in them and the work He is going to do through them in our Decatur community. If you would like to provide support for this group, you can fill out a sponsorship card and provide a donation. Contact me if you’d like one. In turn you will receive a card introducing you to one of the students attending the Gathering. You can use this card to pray over that student or write them a letter of encouragement, or both!

Several of our youth are excited for this experience and they wanted to put together a fun project to show you why it’s important to invest in the next generation. While the students in this clip that you can view below are not starving or neglected, they are hungry to get to the Gathering. They would be excited to have your support as a group as they prepare for this incredible experience. Thank you for considering your support of this team!

If you have any questions about the LCMS Youth Gathering or about SPL Youth, please contact me at or 217-423-6955.

Pastor Bill Grueninger
Associate Pastor Youth & Family Ministry

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