Ready to Impact the Next Generation?

At SPL, we are incredibly thankful for those who have stepped up to the plate to join the SPL Youth ministry team as youth mentors for both our junior high and high school students. Through the voices of those they serve, you can hear the amazing ways they are impacting youth in our church and community – take a look at this special video of thanks from some of our students to the mentors who have taught them what it means to be God loving, home building, world changers.

We’d like to give a special THANK YOU to our current group of mentors who serve through our SPL YOUTH junior high, confirmation, and high school ministry:

Chris Schuette
Dale Tolly
Mark Wood
Jeff Suckow
Kevin Cope
Jordan Hopman
Jen Thomas
Yvonne Beccue
Cindy Kuro
Alissa Henkel
Joel Witt
Nathan Lovekamp
Karli Grueninger
Karen Tolly
Susan Keane
Monica Hawkins
Sam Witt

And more are already joining the team in 2020 – Here are the people who have already committed to serving in the new year:
John Power, Jay Billingsley, Katy Jones, Mary Bodine, and a few more are in prayer considering taking on this serve.

If you’re interested in learning more about serving as a part of the SPL Youth team as a Mentor or the other ways you can support SPL YOUTH, contact Pastor Bill Grueninger at 217-423-6955.

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