Mark Your Calendar for Drive Thru Communion

As we continue to love and care for our neighbors and seek deeper relationship with Jesus, we are prepared to again offer a special opportunity to share in the Lord’s Supper at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. We were so blessed to share this time with you earlier this month and were impacted by the many special moments and stories that emerged.

Make a plan to join us again on Sunday, May 31st from 12:00-2:00pm in the South Parking Lot at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Decatur, IL) for another Drive Thru Communion experience.

We are suggesting and encouraging individuals / families to come in vehicles at the following times if you are able. We’d like to help keep the flow of traffic going by spacing things out over the available time period to ensure all can receive communion by vehicle in a timely manner:

12:00-1:00 PM A-M
1:00-2:00 PM N-Z

Attendants will be on premise to help direct all traffic in and out of the campus, and into the three drive thru lanes/stations located in the South Parking Lot. Click here or see below for additional details and the Drive Thru Communion Map & Key.

Again, in accordance with Macon County Health Department Guidelines, please be aware of the following:

– The only people that should be in your car are people from your cohort (household members). No vulnerable populations should be in the vehicle. (If you are an at-risk individual or currently experiencing any symptoms, we suggest you refrain from participating for your own safety and the safety of others.)

– Follow the signage and the Lot Attendants – they will direct you where to go and when. Following their directions, the line, and the flow of traffic is important for the safety of all involved and for the whole Drive Thru Communion process.

– Attendees should remain in their vehicles and should be attentive to the direction of the Lot Attendants, the Pastors, and of other vehicles. Please DO NOT exit your vehicle at any time – this is for everyone’s safety and will ensure a regular flow of traffic and all to receive communion in a timely manner. You will not be able to park your vehicle in the lots or gather – you can drive in as directed, receive communion at your designated station, and proceed to the exit as directed to help ensure all can be served and share in the Lord’s Supper. (If you experience an emergency in the midst of this process, please alert the Attendant closest to you.)

– The Parking Lot Attendants and the Pastors and Assistants distributing Communion will wear face masks and uphold the 6 feet social distancing rule.

– All Communion will be pre-packaged and will be distributed to the vehicle in a manner that minimizes contact.

– No items will be collected during the Drive Thru Communion experience. Any donations/offerings you may have can be mailed or done online (SPLDECATUR.ORG). You can dispose of the items you receive (bags, wine cup, paper tray) at your own home – items will not be collected after they are distributed to your vehicle by the Pastor.

We pray that you are healthy and well, and we hope you will be able to partake in this experience with us this weekend! We appreciate your patience in the process. If you have any questions, you may leave a message at the Church Office (217-423-6955). As always, stay tuned for any additional updates at or on our website under Latest News.

Thank you!


The arrows lined on the map designate the traffic pattern on the SPL campus for the Drive Thru Communion experience. Vehicles will enter and follow north (single line) on Bachrach Ct., proceeding along the circle until facing south again. You will then be directed to turn right (west) into the south drive of the parking lot and follow to the next attendant, who will direct you to your lane (1, 2, or 3) where you will receive communion. At completion, proceed forward (down the aisle, toward the building) and then turn left as traffic pattern allows, following the (single) line around the parking lot and back toward Bachrach Ct., where you will turn right and proceed to Mound Rd. to exit.

Please note the following (numbers correspond to map):

#1 – Driver will stop and receive Instructions and Communion + Confession Card from Attendant. Driver will be directed to continue around the circle and toward the next station. While in line, it is a good time to prepare for Communion, complete the Confession and talk through the discussion question you will receive on the card.

#2 – Driver will stop to receive instruction on which Drive Thru Communion lane he/she will proceed to and then move to that lane when directed by the Attendant.

Once in a Communion Lane:
#3 – Driver will communicate how many people are in the vehicle prepared to receive communion. Attendant will ensure proper amount of communion to distribute and will pass the pre-packaged elements to the driver for distribution to participants. Elements SHOULD NOT be consumed until directed at next stop (by Pastor).

#4 – The Pastor at the station will speak an Absolution and the Words of Institution, at which time participants will celebrate and partake in the Lord’s Supper. They will receive a brief blessing and ‘Go in peace and serve the Lord!’ Driver proceeds forward (down lane, toward building) and merges left into the outgoing line of traffic. (Please do not attempt to give your empty containers back to the Pastor – they are not able to collect those from you; please take them home to dispose of them. Thank you for understanding!)

#5 – Driver follows single line of traffic to the left (initially heading west) and will proceed to the end lane of the parking lot, turn left, and continue to follow around the edge of the parking lot back toward Bachrach Ct., making a final right turn onto Bachrach Ct. and proceeding south toward Mound Road to exit.

Please use caution and pay attention to other vehicles, attendants and pastors as you proceed during Drive Thru Communion. We encourage you to stay off your devices during this time.

If you have offerings or other items you are wanting to drop off to SPL, please plan to use the designated Drop Box times (Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm), located at the St. Paul’s Early Learning Center entrance on the East side of the building. We are not permitted to collect any items during this Drive Thru Communion experience.

We look forward to safely serving you and sharing in the Lord’s Supper with you once again during this unique time!

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