Walk In Love

Hearts are heavy. Emotions are high. Spirits are broken. Minds are conflicted.

For us, today, it’s not just from the loss of our pastor or of other members of this family. There is much aching also for the losses in our country, in our communities, and the long time need for justice, respect, clarity, and peace.

How do we proceed? How do we effect needed change?

We walk in love, as Jesus taught.

Love is listening. Love is meeting needs. Love is patience with one another. Love is kindness toward your fellow human. Love is seeking to understand. Love is pouring out grace and forgiveness.

“Love is patient and kind;” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:4‬ ‭ESV‬‬

And so we pray together –

Lord Jesus, open my eyes and let me see with Your eyes.
Open my ears and let me hear with Your ears.
Open my mind and let me think Your thoughts.
Open my mouth and let me speak Your Word.
Open my hands and let me serve as You serve.
Open my heart and let me love as You love.
Position my spirit and my whole self to respond in the way You would.
Direct my steps and lead me Lord.
Help me and all around me to seek You and Your kingdom first.
Send Your Spirit here among all of Your people and point us to You as each of us seek to understand and love one another.
In Your Name, Lord Jesus.

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