One Stop for Safe Families Resources

Are you interested in Safe Families? Here is a one stop resource for you to connect to links that will be helpful to you in the process.

For more information on next steps to getting involved and details for how to apply, you can send questions to Katie Dye of Illini Christian Ministries at or reach out to local team leaders Marla Galka and Ariana Shelton.

To hear one family’s Safe Families Testimony, see this video:

To learn more about Volunteer roles, check out the Safe Families National Website at

To keep up to date with the work that’s happening in the local chapter, “LIKE” the Illini Christian Ministries (ICM) Facebook Page:

To get more information or to begin to get involved in Safe Families at SPL, complete the Connect with Safe Families form at SPLDECATUR.ORG

To read more about resource needs for the Care Closet at SPL, visit Latest News at SPLDECATUR.ORG

Thank you for all of your support as we stay on mission as God loving, home building, world changers while serving Safe Families at SPL!

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