Moved for Ministry: A Safe Families Story

We are thankful for the opportunity to partner in ministry with other churches, organizations, and families as we go “All In” for Safe Families here at SPL! Hear today from one of our local leaders of Safe Families, Ariana Shelton, as she shares how she was MOVED by God for this ministry:

“God has been calling me to serve children ever since I had my son Dawson almost a decade ago. After becoming a mom and spending a few years at my dance studio teaching and hosting events and fundraisers, I realized that I need these children in my life just as much (if not more) than they need me. They always challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

One church service, Pastor Eric challenged us to find our multiply. I knew that I had a passion for children, helping them learn and know the love of God. At this time, I had recently joined the Children’s Ministry serving team and I recognized the unique position that God had placed me in. I thought, “I work with dozens of kids every week – imagine how big my impact could be if one child shares the love of Jesus to another friend, or eventually to other kids.” I was excited by how that chain reaction would create multitudes of believers. I realized that working with children was my multiply.

Later, the Safe Families video played during offering time in worship, and the Holy Spirit moved me. I wasn’t sure how He was planning to use me. I did not feel equipped to host, but thought maybe my marketing and organizational skills could be of use. When I reached out to Marla Galka, she was so excited! She kept saying that this was God answering her prayers. I had no idea that my simple email could mean so much or would place me in my current position as Co-Ministry Lead/Family Friend.

My vision for Safe Families Ministry is to see it grow beyond our church family and truly be God’s boots on the ground here in Decatur. This is an opportunity to practice what we as Christians preach – being generous and selfless servants, and to live out our Mission of Love God. Build the Home. Change the World. Not only are we able to help others build their homes, but we are also able to nurture our own families by serving together in such an impactful way. We change the world one person at a time, so let’s start by loving on those God has placed in our community.

I pray that the Holy Spirt moves you in the same way He has moved me for this Ministry. It takes an entire community to create the Safe Families support system.

Today is always the perfect day to submit to His plans for you!”

God’s blessings!
Ariana Shelton



Learn more from this host family’s story:

Saying Yes – A Safe Families Story from Safe Families for Children on Vimeo.

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