Seek Jesus Through Serving

Pass It On… Seek Jesus Through Serving

Special Feature by the Central Illinois District – Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

It’s amazingly easy to turn a blind eye to the needs of a neighbor. You may have intentions of helping someone, yet the temptation to do what you want all too often gets the upper hand.

Take a look at how Jesus’ disciples were acting in one situation, portrayed in Matthew 14:13-21. They had looked on while Jesus healed great crowds of people and taught them all day.

Now the sun was setting. It was time for food and rest. The disciples asked Jesus to “send the crowds away to go into the villages and buy food for themselves” (Matthew 14:15).

Yet Jesus did not stop showing compassion to the thronging crowds.

Instead, Jesus presented His followers with a challenge: “You give them something to eat”. (Matthew 14:16)

This completely blindsided the disciples, whose minds were set on their own bellies and beds. How were they to feed over five thousand people with “only five loaves . . . and two fish”? (Matthew 14:17)

Jesus used this situation to teach His followers about faith in God. He also revealed His own heart of overflowing love for people. He blessed the small amount of food, broke it, and fed each and every person in attendance.

Not only did Jesus satisfy the hunger of all the people there, but there were even “twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over”! (Matthew 14:20) The disciples had been setting their focus on themselves, but Jesus’ sole focus remained on showing God’s love and compassion to others.

As a Christian, seek to follow Jesus your Lord by serving your neighbors with the gifts that God has given you. For the compassionate heart of the One Who died and rose again is always directed toward others. Today it is directed toward you.

Do what you can. Do all you can. Do it now.

If you’re seeking opportunities to serve, first start at home and in your relationships. Shift your focus from “what have you done for me lately?” to “how can I help?” Make a change also in your interactions with your neighbors and coworkers, as a daily practice. Then if you’re looking for additional serving opportunities in your community, connect with the church (217-423-6955) and/or seek out some of the local organizations who could benefit from the gifts God has given you.

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