SPL Kids: What to Expect

We have been waiting to say “Welcome Home” to many of you and our SPL Kids Team is excited to regather with you beginning this weekend!

Suzanne Minton and her team have been preparing to reopen the Nursery for several weeks – it will be available to families again during worship services only beginning August 1 & 2. And Jennifer Suckow and the SPL Kids Team have been busy preparing for SPL Kids Worship during message time in the 10:30am service (beginning August 2). These leaders have been hard at work thinking through all of the best ways to return to these important pieces of children’s ministry in a safe, healthy, and meaningful way while keeping all current CDC, state, and local guidelines in mind. We are now prepared to share these guidelines with you and your family.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Nursery and SPL Kids Worship Regathering Plan

Nursery will be offered during Saturday (6:00pm) and Sunday (8:00am & 10:30am) services for children ages Infant – 3 years old.

Nursery will not be offered during the 9:15am Sunday Education hour – this is to allow adequate time for cleaning between services. Capacity will be capped at 8-10 children dependent upon staffing numbers. When capacity is reached a sign will be placed near the entrance to the Nursery area.

SPL Kids Worship will be offered in the Dining Room during message time in the Sunday 10:30am service for children 4 years old – 2nd grade. We will initially be able to accommodate up to 16 children.

NOTE: Both programs will be offered ONLY when adequate staff and volunteers are available in order to ensure the health and safety of all involved. Masks will be required at all times for all staff and volunteers. Temperature check and health screening will be completed by staff and volunteers prior to serving.


You are highly encouraged to evaluate the health of your child before coming to worship. You are also encouraged to keep personal belongings in your vehicle or with parents during the service – personal items will not be permitted in the SPL Kids areas.

When you come for worship, please proceed to the SPL Kids Check-In Station located just inside the south entrance (in the West Fellowship Area). You will see SPL Kids Team members there ready to connect with you. You will need to complete a few things at that station before proceeding to worship (especially if your child would like to participate in SPL Kids Worship).

● Any children wishing to attend SPL Kids Worship MUST be checked in by 10:40 AM prior to families entering the Worship Center. For the health and safety of students and staff and ease of transitioning to worship time, no late check-ins can be permitted.

● When approaching the Check-In table, parent/caregiver and child(ren) should wear masks and maintain social distancing (6ft) from others. When possible send only one caregiver with child(ren) to the Check-In table to reduce crowding and wait time.

● Each child must be present at Check-In for a temperature scan and short health screening*. An SPL Kids Team member will take your child’s temperature and ask the screening questions, sign your child in, and issue a nametag and caregiver pick-up tag (once they have passed the temperature and health screening).

NOTE: There will be no self check-in option. If any of the health screening questions can be answered YES by your family, you will be asked to refrain from using the Nursery, and attending SPL Kids Worship AND attending church services at this time. We will recommend you contact your personal physician. This is for both your well-being and that of the congregation as a whole. SPL Staff and volunteers will be discreet, maintain confidentiality, and consult the Elder on site for assistance if needed.

*Click the image for a printable copy of the Health Screening Questions.

● Children will be dismissed from the Worship Center one set of pews at a time by an SPL Kids Team Member. Children are encouraged to wear a mask if able. Please have children wait until they are dismissed.
● Children will be led by the SPL Kids Team members to the colored “social distancing” dots on the floor at the entrance to the Dining Room where they will wait to enter.
● Children will be provided with hand sanitizer as they enter the Dining Room.
● Each child will have their own table and chair that is spaced appropriately away from others and all will be facing the same direction, per guidelines. Social distancing will be maintained as much as possible.
● Any supplies that are used will be taken home with the child or sanitized before they are used again, and no snacks will be served.

● Both doors of the Dining Room will have an SPL Kids team member checking Parent/Caregiver Pick-Up tags and dismissing children one at a time. Caregivers are asked to wear a mask and maintain distance as they are waiting to pick up children. Please have your Pick-Up Tag available and ready.

*On days when Communion is offered (2nd & 4th Sunday) following worship, parent/caregivers will be asked to pick up their children during the closing song and bring them back to the Worship Center for Communion.

● SPL Nursery will check-in children (Infant – 3 years old) ONE Parent/Caregiver and child at a time. Please wear a mask and wait in the area outside of the Nursery (practice social distancing – 6 ft apart). Staff will be present to welcome and direct you – please wait until they invite you to enter.
● Upon entering the Nursery, an SPL Kids Nursery team member will perform a temperature scan and family health screening, and complete the Check-In process.
● Next, a team member will direct you to the handwashing area to wash your hands and your child’s hands. Please communicate of your child’s needs at this time.
● We are not able to allow diaper bags or personal items from home in the Nursery at this time. If your family has special needs or concerns, please discuss with a team member to find the best solutions.

● Masks are not to be used for children ages 2 and under. If your child is between age 2 and 3, has a mask and is able to wear one, we encourage them to do so. Please note: We recognize it may be challenging for small children to wear a mask – while your own child may be wearing a mask, other children in the Nursery may not.
● Staff will work to care for and interact with children, social distancing where possible.
● Traditional Nursery activities will look different, modified as needed in the interest of health and safety.
● Snacks* will not be shared. Sippy Cups will be provided as needed to offer drinks of water. (Bottles for Infants will be allowed as needed.)
● The Nursery will close after each service for cleaning and disinfecting toys, supplies, and the room as a whole.

*If, for health reasons, a snack from home is necessary, please discuss with Nursery staff and we will accommodate on an individual basis.

● The same Parent/Caregiver who brought the child to the nursery should be the same person to pick-up. Again, please wear a mask and maintain social distancing while waiting for your child in the area outside the Nursery.
● Staff will watch for and acknowledge parents/caregivers. Once we see you, our team members will help your child wash hands and then will bring them out the door of the Nursery to you.

*On days when Communion is offered (2nd & 4th Sunday) following worship, you may pick up your child before or directly after. Please be considerate to pick-up your child in a timely manner after the Service/Communion to allow time for proper cleaning and disinfecting after our time together.

Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility in this very unique time! If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Suckow at jennifers@spldecatur.org or Pastor Bill Grueninger at pastorbill@spldecatur.org or 217-423-6955.

A printable copy of this information is available HERE: SPL Kids Regathering Plan August 2020

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