#PRAY316 – Ten Days of Prayer

Right now, you may have a heart for helping others but feel hesitant to do so. You might feel unsure of what to do. You may be a teacher, or parent or caretaker just feeling uncertain as you work to prepare your student(s) for a new school year. No matter what your experience or how you are feeling today, God is presenting you with an opportunity to be a God Loving, Home Building, World Changer right where you are. Pay attention to where He is nudging you for His kingdom. Especially right now…

You may think there is nothing you can do, or you may be feeling overwhelmed by what you’re already doing. Either way, just stop right now, in this moment, and recognize that there is a way to not only refocus your own thoughts and find some peace, but also to make a difference on many levels.

Because we are about to enter into a new school year, and there are many feelings and questions surrounding this time for everyone, we want to invite you to fix your eyes on Jesus, put on the mind of Christ, and enter into a focused #Pray316 time of prayer for these days leading up to the first day of school. As a church family, we know one of the best ways we can show love to our community in this time is by partnering with parents and supporting our teachers, those who are working hard raising up the next generation.

At SPL, we value our investment in the ministry of St. Paul’s Early Learning Center (ELC) and the Lutheran School Association (LSA). As we look toward heading back to school in a time of uncertainly, we CAN be certain that prayer and encouragement are very much needed. This is why we are stepping in to Ten Days of Prayer for the teachers, staff, students, and families of the ELC and LSA. Each day at 3:16pm, you can pray the daily prayer point posted on our social media sites for the ELC and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Set a reminder to join in this time of prayer each day.

Additional opportunities to lift up and encourage teachers, staff, students, and families in these ministries will be unfolding to you in the weeks ahead.

You can also pray these prayers for the teachers, students, and families in schools in your community. Not only will doing this each day bring you peace, but it can make an impact on the lives of others and make a difference for His kingdom.

If you have questions about the Ten Days of Prayer or other ways that you can support and encourage the ministries of St. Paul’s Early Learning Center or the Lutheran School Association, please contact Jennifer Suckow at jennifers@spldecatur.org

Download the Ten Days of Prayer list


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