Small Serve, Big Impact

Looking for a flexible way to serve in our community? Want to help make an impact on the lives of others?

We have good news – The LSA ReSale Shop is the serve for you!

The LSA ReSale Shop, located at 421 E Cerro Gordo Street in Decatur, is a primary source of funding for the Lutheran School Association (LSA) and has been for the last 20 years. The Shop needs your help, and just a few hours in your week will do.

The LSA ReSale shop is seeking volunteers to serve 2-3 hours per week. There are a variety of simple tasks that may interest you.

Do you like organizing? You can help organize the book department or sort donated merchandise.

Does clothing ‘spark joy’ for you? Help with ironing or hanging clothes.

Do you like to keep things tidy? Help with dusting around the shop or restocking shelves and racks.

Like to tinker? Help by testing donated electronic items for us.

Just a small amount of your time doing things you already enjoy doing can have a big impact. Many hands make light work and also help the Shop to serve its customers well. Everyone wins!

If you think serving our community and the LSA by volunteering at the ReSale Shop is something you can do, call Susie Doddek at 217-423-0122 or stop by the LSA ReSale Shop (421 E Cerro Gordo Street) today.

Do what you can. Do all you can. Do it now.


The LSA ReSale Shop is a thrift store that supports the mission and ministry of the Lutheran School Association, while also serving the needs of the Decatur community.

The LSA ReSale Shop is always a great place to shop, whether you’re looking for a finishing piece for your walls at home, shopping for dishes, or searching for some great deals on clothes for yourself or your family.

The Shop accepts donations of clothing, furniture, housewares, sports equipment, and all sorts of miscellaneous items. If you have any questions about items you would like to donate, please call the shop at 217-423-0122.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

The staff at the LSA ReSale Shop always welcome volunteers to help stock shelves, sort and organize the storage room, and other needed tasks. You can pick your day, your hours, and your job. If you are not available during the daytime, there may also be opportunity to help with evening work sessions. All adults, students, and LSA students and families are invited to volunteer at the store, to help achieve the goal of supporting the mission and ministry of the Lutheran School Association.

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