A Rooted Reflection

A Rooted Reflection

Shared by Scott Powers

When I signed up to participate in The Rooted Experience, I expected there would be some similarity with group Bible studies I had participated in before, and there were some. But what I did not expect was how much the group discussion and interaction transformed the experience into something more powerful and faith-affirming than any of my previous experiences.

At the heart of The Rooted Experience are the free-flowing discussions that are sparked by thought-provoking and sometimes challenging questions. As members of our group got to know each other, a sense of trust was built that made it a shared experience in a way unlike anything I had been a part of before.

Through sharing life and faith with others in the group, I was able to reflect on the life details of each member and their faith journey. It gave me insight into the unique relationship I had with God. I learned more and grew more because of it, rooting myself and my life deeper in Christ. As a result of The Rooted Experience, I experienced a change – a deepening in my relationship with Jesus, and a change in my attitude toward all His people. I also got to witness incredible change in the lives of others in my group over those ten weeks.

I was so impacted by my own experience as a participant that when the opportunity came to become a group facilitator, I was ready for it. To be a good facilitator of a Rooted group, I knew I would need to listen to the group members even more closely than when I was one of the participants. I needed to hear and understand their stories so I could ask follow up questions, and clearly convey to each group member the genuine concern and care I had for them, and the support I wanted to give to them, so they could get from their experience what God had planned for them. As much as I could, I got out of the way and let the Holy Spirit guide my words and actions. And still, in my experience as a Rooted facilitator, God gave ME a deep experience with new insights that strengthened me and bolstered my desire to continue growing my relationship with Him.

It keeps me coming back – ready to see how He wants to work in and through the lives of the people who participate, and using me as His vessel in the process; ready to see how He still wants to grow me and reveal more of Himself and His blessing to me in my relationship with Him.

If you want to learn more about The Rooted Experience, visit SPLDECATUR.ORG/ROOTED

If you’d like to learn more about Scott’s story or his Rooted Experience, connect with him at spowers@spldecatur.org

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