Midweek Lenten Worship at SPL

With Ash Wednesday (February 17), we officially begin the Lenten season in the church. At SPL, this means we take additional time each week to connect with Jesus through His journey to the cross, building to Holy Week and ultimately Easter.

On Ash Wednesday, worship is offered in-person and online at 12:15pm and 6:30pm, with the imposition of Ashes and distribution of Communion offered as part of the service. If attending in-person, please note that face masks are required inside SPL (per city ordinance).

If you are not comfortable participating in worship inside the building, we are offering Drive Thru Ashes and Communion from 4:00-5:00pm on February 17th in the East lot at SPL.

Each week, thru March 24th, worship will continue to be offered on Wednesdays in-person and online at 12:15pm and 6:30pm as we engage in the midweek series “His for Ours”. Additional information, live stream connection, and worship resources are available at SPLDECATUR.ORG/CHURCHONLINE

About Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday begins the Christian season of Lent. We will spend the coming days journeying together as we follow Jesus toward the cross; to the final battle and ultimate victory over sin and death. This day marks the beginning of this journey.

We gather in worship to acknowledge our sin, to acknowledge our mortality. We come to meet with the Christ who offers forgiveness, who offers everlasting life.

As part of our worship on Ash Wednesday, you can experience the imposition of ashes. (The person distributing ashes will be gloved and will use a separate cotton swab for each person to place the ashes on the forehead.) This practice may not be familiar to everyone. Ashes have been used in Christian churches to mark the beginning of Lent since at least the 10th Century, and ashes are mentioned in scripture as a symbol of purification and repentance.

We offer the imposition of ashes as a physical reminder of our mortality and sin; an assurance of God’s forgiveness and salvation. Before you depart the service, you will be invited to come forward if you wish to participate in the imposition of ashes. When you come, the mark of ashes will be placed on your forehead. After you come in repentance you can then walk to the second station to receive the joy of forgiveness in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

If you’re looking for a way to help your kids understand Ash Wednesday, click here to check out this Ash Wednesday resource from SPL Kids.

If you have any additional questions about Ash Wednesday or the Lenten season, our pastors would be happy to talk with you. Contact Pastor Bill Grueninger or Pastor Mark Gearig at 217-423-6955 to connect or make an appointment.

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