Out with the Lie, In with the Truth

A few weeks ago, as we traveled through the series Heartsick and began uncovering many of the lies our hearts tell us and we believe, I began to realize there were other lies in my life I needed to acknowledge. There were other things that were trying to rule the day over me besides me finding my value in work instead of Jesus; in thinking that relationships were about me or you instead of US (You + Me + Jesus = US). There was another lie for me that keeps trying to make a play at me.

So I say, “Strike 3! You’re OUT, Condemnation!”

I’m calling out the LIE of condemnation. “OUT!” like “Out of the game, Condemnation. Off the field and outta here!”

Because, here is the TRUTH:

There is now NO condemnation for me.

I AM in JESUS and HE is IN ME.

Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” John 6:29

Jesus said it, the work of God is to BELIEVE. I trust the words of Jesus.

Through that statement recorded in His Holy Scripture, Holy Spirit whispers to me that it’s okay I’m a work in progress, and I’m progressing because I’m working at living a life in and with Him.

The lie of condemnation says I’m doing this Christian life wrong. But the overcoming truth is, doing life without Christ is what is wrong. So, as long as I keep taking a step and keep remembering what Jesus did for me, I am making progress. And I recall that what He desires of me is progress, not perfection.

I’ve kicked condemnation off the field and out of this game, but I’M still on the field. So, I’m playing for TRUTH and I’m going to go to work with a prayer…

Lord, help me remember that there’s no condemnation for me, because Jesus’ blood bought me and erased my debts. God, Your grace is sufficient for me. Be blessed Lord Jesus, I pray, because I sure am thankful and blessed for Your work on Calvary. In Your Holy Name, Amen!

It’s time to get back in the game.

SPL Blogger 603 is a follower of Jesus and member of SPL who, in remaining anonymous, wanted to share these Spirit led thoughts and help you to fix your eyes on Jesus and how He wants to work in and through the life you have been entrusted with by Him. Stay tuned to the SPL Blog for more throughout the year ahead.

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