Stand Still

What needs to GO? What needs to GROW?

This week, challenge yourself! Set aside time alone with God, some time for personal reflection.

First, get a piece or two of paper and something to write with. Then, take the time to watch this video entitled “God’s Chisel” by the Skit Guys. Listen close. Take note of what stands out to you, and what thoughts or questions this brings up for you as you watch and when you are finished watching.

When you are done, “stand still” before God and ask these questions of Him as you pray:

“Lord, what needs to GO?

What needs to GROW?”

Write down what He reveals to you.

Do you feel affirmed by what you see? Are you surprised by what He has revealed? What will you do in response to your time with Him?

Before you are done in your conversation with God, take the time to THANK Him for the work He is doing in your life and for what He has to come.

If you would like to share about what this experience is like for you or what results from it, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at or submit your story at

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