Summer Challenge


This summer, Unity Christian School Executive Director Brian Booth invited students to step into a personal challenge. It’s a great opportunity for each of us, individually and as families, to become better together. Take a look at this invitation and consider jumping on board to challenge yourself to complete these simple things daily. If you’re already doing some of the basic four, consider taking on one of the bonus items as well.

From Brian Booth:

As we spread the word to the community about who we are and the changes taking effect for next year, we currently have an online ad running that says this:

“New name, new logo, new educational opportunities for your student! Same supportive K-12 Christian environment, same championship athletic program, same family atmosphere.”

That’s the message as we look ahead to next year. Same great school, only better!

My hope is that we can all take that same approach to this summer as individuals – coming back for next school year as the same great community – only better!

Let’s be intentional with the 3 summer months and use that time to get better!

So here’s my SUMMER CHALLENGE for each student (and family members who are willing to jump in), to each day commit to the following:

MAKE YOUR BED: This may sound trivial, but it’s not. Starting our day by making our bed helps set us up for success and give a sense of accomplishment.

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Read the Bible Verse of the Day through the YouVersion Bible App
Quick Tip: Parents, read the verse with your kids and ask what they think it means.

BE ACTIVE AND GET OUTSIDE: Spend more time being active and outside than on screens (mobile devices, iPads, laptops, TV, Games, etc.).

SERVE: Find at least one way each day to serve others. (And if you’re looking for more ideas, check with your local church.)

BONUS ITEMS for those ready for more:
Read 15+ minutes per day – All of our teachers would be glad to make recommendations for your students or check out programs and what’s available at your local library.
Grow a skill – Spend time each day intentionally getting better at something (sports, music, art, gardening, etc.)
Daily Gratitude – Write down 3 things you’re grateful for each day.
Limit Screen Time – Go one or more days per week with no screens.

I guarantee any student or family that takes on this challenge over the next 90 days will come back stronger and better than ever! Need a reminder? feel free to print out the image included here and put it on your fridge this summer!

You can connect with Brian Booth, Executive Director at or 217-233-2001 (Summer hours are 9AM – 2PM Monday-Thursday)

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