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Pastor Eric Trickey
September 1, 2019

Witness or Judge

In the final installment of the “My Name Is…” series, Pastor Eric Trickey encourages the listener to closely examine their […]

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Pastor Bill Grueninger
August 25, 2019

Servant or Master

Pastor Bill Grueninger brings a powerful message to the “My Name Is…” series titled Servant or Master. Do you struggle […]

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Pastor Wray Offermann
August 18, 2019

Saint or Sinner

Pastor Wray Offermann returns to the pulpit in the second installment of the “My Name Is…” series with a hard […]

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Pastor Mark Gearig
August 11, 2019

Child or Slave

Pastor Mark Gearig brings a powerful message about your identity in Christ as he explores “Child or Slave” in the […]

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