Red Letter Challenge


Find out more about who God created you to be – take these assessments provided for you and discover what you need to know about your Spiritual Gifts, Personality, Leadership Style, and Skills.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Click the button below to access our Assessment Center for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (through and take the time to complete the assessments we have provided for you. This will also help us to connect you with the serving opportunities that are the best fit for you in the months ahead.

If it is your first time utilizing the site, be sure to click “REGISTER NOW” when you arrive at the Login Page. Questions? Contact us at or 217-423-6955.


Take the Red Letter Challenge to the next level by connecting with others through a Group Study Session. Groups are meeting at SPL at the following times throughout the series (Starting Sunday 4/8 – Wednesday 5/9).

Saturday Evening – God’s Gene Pool meets in the Large Conference Room following Saturday 6:00pm Worship
Sunday Morning – Pastor’s Class meets in the Dining Room at 9:15am
Sunday Morning – WSCL Community Group (We Share Christ’s Love) meets in the Large Conference Room at 9:15am
Wednesday Evening – Pastor’s Class meets in the Large Conference Room at 6:30pm
Wednesday Evening – 20s/30s Community Group meets in the Dining Room at 6:30pm (gathers early for potluck meal)

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