The purpose and passion of SPL Youth is to grow youth and their families into God-Loving, Home-Building, World Changers. We believe that this world needs to be brought hope in the midst of hurt, joy in the midst of sadness, and the news of forgiveness in the midst of guilt and shame.

We believe that people of all generations can bring this hope, joy, and forgiveness to others. SPL Youth teaches each youth the Love that God has for them, their calling to build up their family and their home, and inspires, guides, and encourages each student as they change the world.

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You can connect with weekly opportunities:

SPL Youth Sunday Morning | Grades 9-12
Led by the SPL Youth Team
Class meets Sundays at 9:15am in The Loft (2nd Floor)
Students learn together the depth of God’s love for them through the study of His Word in Scripture.

SPL Youth Confirmation | Grades 7 & 8
Confirmation classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am in the Room 122 (1st Floor) and are led by Chris Schuette, Pastor Bill Grueninger, and Small Group Coaches. Parents of Confirmation students meet first with the large group and then break away for their own small group study led by SPL Youth parent mentors.

SPL Youth LoftTime | Grades 7-12
Led by the SPL Youth Team
After school on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30pm in The Loft (2nd Floor) When school is is session
Students gather together to play games, and spend time with each other, finding support and encouragement in their Home-Building.

SPL Youth Wednesday Night @The Loft
Led by the SPL Youth Team
Class meets Wednesdays at 6:30pm in The Loft (2nd Floor) Doors open at 6:00pm
Each Wednesday, students learn in a more practical way how they can change the world around them, through learning leadership and hospitality skills. Monthly we venture into the community to serve.

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